A Kid and a Protest

A kid... An AR15... A protest... A dream of becoming a cop... = 2 Dead and 1 injured

Is this YOUR America you are so proud of?

I say what I mean and mean what I say. Love it. Like it. Hate it. I give no fucks either way.

But don’t think I’m going to lay down and take your unjustifiable bullshit. I invited you to come trash talk me to my face. You show and leave. That’s on you.

Thankfully Miltdog and friends save the show.

Chuuuuch....enough said. 

Conversation. Debate...or was it an argument. You tell us. 

GTFU! Round 2. Fight!!!! Plus some JetBlack Empowerment information, a little bit of business insight and (drum roll please)...... The voice of the gorgeous Floy from the Just FK Podcast


Never forget: Each One. Reach One. Teach One.

Grow up. How many masks do you need online?

JetBlack Empowerment is an ever evolving organization. Envisioned, and Materialized, with the sole purpose of Supporting, Empowering, and Shining the light on Black owned business. Further educating present, and Future black entrepreneurs, on their Journey to Financial freedom, economic sustainability, and laying a foundation for community enrichment.

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Lunch Time Discussion

Talks. Lunch. Let’s get it. 


We take a few to chat in the comments and some on the line to celebrate the life of Aaron Jones AKA PodGod. How? Rocking out to music that reminds us of him. ✊🏽Fist Up PG 

Each one. Reach One. Teach One. 

Relive the Moment

Scroll down memory lane and listen to one of the podcasts posted by ThePodGod with me. 

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